Conch Republic Passports

Key West, Fla.A- Dark red and blue "Conch Republic" passports could pass for real travel documents - and that’s part of the appeal.

"Alright Matt, we’re gonna get your passport picture," said Sir Peter Anderson, the so-called Secretary General of the Conch Republic by way of "prime ministerial appointment," as he picked up his digital camera.

I’m about to become a citizen of another country. Except I haven’t left the United States. I’m in Key West, also known as the Conch Republic - since their mock secession in 1982.

The Conch Republic is notAa real country, of course, but trying telling that to Anderson who makes his living off this mythical Margaritaville.

"Absolutely without question" this is a real country, said Anderson from his home office. "When the U.S. didn’t object to our sovereignty after 12 years by the most stringent international standards they lost any right to do so."

Sir Peter calls the Conch Republic the world’s "first fifth world nation." And for him, this nation is big business. He’s trademarked all sorts of slogans and bumper stickers. But most of Anderson’s money comes from selling real looking passports.

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Posted: November 23rd, 2010
at 7:57am by Koookiecrumbles

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