Why Are There No 'Peaces'?

Veteran's Day is upon us, at a time when the number of war veterans has been increasing astronomically, with no end in sight.A Which brings up this troubling thought: Could it be that the reason the United Statesaeven under an avowedly antiwar Presidentahas done such a miserable job of "winning the peace" in both Afghanistan and Iraq, as opposed to its earlier and far more successful initiating of wars is that our leaders just aren't really very invested in peace?A More disturbing yet: Insofar as those in power find violence especially compelling, perhaps they aren't that different from the rest of us.

In short, is peace boring? Most people certainly find it less interesting than war.A Nearly all countries, for example, set aside their own Veterans' Days to honor military victories; by contrast, there are precious few "Peace Days."A War Colleges greatly outnumber Institutes of Peace.

It has been saidaalthough disputedathat the Inuit ("Eskimos") have about a dozen words for "snow" (distinguishing between blowing snow, drifted, wet, powder, icy, etc.) and that among the Bedouin, there are more than a hundred words for "camel" (ornery, pregnant, easy-to-ride, male or female, and so forth).A Similarly, in Englishaand most other languagesathere are numerous terms referring to specific wars. We distinguish between, for example,A the Vietnam War, Korean War, World Wars I and II, etc., but have only one word for "peace."



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Posted: November 12th, 2010
at 3:49pm by Koookiecrumbles

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