Yet another BitTorrent company is going legit!

First BitTorrent, now Azereus.

Most download-loving ninjas know of Azereus, the BitTorrent client. Today, the makers of Azereus launched a new distribution platform for DVD and HD-quality video on the internet, hoping to take on YouTube:
"Try watching a YouTube video in full-screen mode," says Azureus CEO Gilles BianRosa. "You can’t make out the details of what’s going on. We’ve changed all that."

[Azereus] plans to add television shows and full-length feature films to the service later this month. Azureus has inked distribution deals with 12 television, film and media companies…

The company says it will comply with copyright laws by removing any illicit clips at the rights holders’ request — a policy followed by most other video-sharing sites…The company plans to give users the ability to attach pre-roll or post-roll advertisements to uploaded videos. Videos are currently shared with no advertising, but an opt in, ad-sharing program is under development.

Story via WIRED.
Check out Zudeo, the new Azereus-powered site, or download the newest version of Azereus which now has the feature built-in.


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Posted: December 4th, 2006
at 6:27pm by Pheezatron

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