Cheryl Dunn’s "Everybody Street"

The photographer and filmmakerACheryl Dunn has been making pictures in the streets of New York for the past twenty years. She's drawn to street shooting because "it is pure and uncontrollable and it takes an intense commitment," she writes in an e-mail. "I feel it reveals a thread in humanity that is random and true and hard to capture." Twelve decades ago, when Alfred Stieglitz first took to the streets with a handheld 4 x 5 camera, he was driven by the same thrilling mix of difficulty and serendipity. "My picture 'Fifth Avenue, Winter' is the result of a three hours' stand during a fierce snow-storm on February 22nd, 1893, awaiting the proper moment," Stieglitz wrote in 1897. "My patience was duly rewarded. Of course, the result contained an element of chance, as I might have stood there for hours without succeeding in getting the desired pictures."

This fall, the Seaport Museum New York pays tribute to Stieglitz's New York work in a show fittingly titled "Alfred Stieglitz New York." To accompany the exhibit, the curators commissioned Dunn to make a new documentary about photographers who have used New York City street life as a major subject in their work. "I chose people who have an innate desire to walk the streets and take pictures that cannot be suppressed, and have done this for a long time," she writes. Here's a first look at the trailer for Dunn's film, "Everybody Street.">


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Posted: October 1st, 2010
at 6:35pm by Koookiecrumbles

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