Dinosaur Design vs. Cockroach Design

Dinosaurs used to be kings and queens of the planet. Nothing got in their way except for each other. They came in many shapes and sizes. Some ate plants and others ate meat. They were complex creatures and each of them were unique in their own way.

If you were to look at all of the dinosaurs and were told you could design your own then you would have a ton of cool features to work with. You could get the wings of a pterodactyl, horns of a triceratops, roar of a tyrannosaurus rex and a number of other bits and pieces. You would simply take the best of each species to make one wonderful creature.

Odds are though it wouldn’t work out very well. It would fail just like every other dinosaur. This is how some designers like to design. They look at all the great trends other sites are using and they collect them to try and piece together a perfect design. If someone were to ask you what creature from millions of years ago you would love to replicate today due to its greatness would you even consider the cockroach? The great dinosaurs died off and yet this little, disgusting insect lives on. There is nothing fancy about it and yet it has become the closest thing to timeless we see today.



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Posted: September 10th, 2010
at 7:47am by Koookiecrumbles

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