How to Spot an Agent looks into why CIA agents are stationed in embassies worldwide (by Presidential order- especially in the third world). What to look for? Well, exotic-looking cipher locks usually cover the outside doors of an side-by-side CIA office, "Political officers" usually stick together, have a premium health insurance plan and keep loud sounds on to deter bugging.

Cross-referencing records with the method of the author of this article, John Marks, can lead to uncovering (at least in 1978).

Furthermore, resisting on "national security" grounds, the Agency has avoided reductions in personnel and has even continued to expand. Recommendations, cooperation and other considerations are part of the equation when determining whether or not a "private citizen" should or should not be linked with the government.

Everything argues for having the intelligence agent in the embassy - everything, that is, except the need to keep his existence secret. The question then becomes whether it is really that important to keep his existence secret - which, in turn, depends on how important his clandestine activities are.

To paraphrase Mae West, covert has nothing to do with it- the question is do we need a new type of Agency for accurate global information extraction?>


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Posted: June 3rd, 2010
at 4:12pm by Koookiecrumbles

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