Luke Walton on Kobe and LeBron

Best player in the game? Kobe. Is it undisputed? Probably not, but there isn’t any denying Kobe is the most accomplished player in the league.

You hear a lot of chatter in the league who is better? Kobe or LeBron? LeBron or Kobe. LeBron is the reigning NBA MVP. The Nike muppets commercials (which I love) also play up the rivalry angle and the Kobe-LeBron matchup is the main reason a lot of people will be tuning in to ABC on Christmas Day.

When you talk about these two great players, you have to look at the ultimate barometer, — championships. And when it comes to championships, there isn’t a rivalry.

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Posted: January 14th, 2010
at 5:09pm by Koookiecrumbles

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