Chrome Children: Live Hiphop is Good for your Soul

Chrom Children

iiight iiight iiight…where to begin? First off, its imperative that everyone reading understand that live hiphop, and I dont mean Luda or Hov [no disrespect, I have their albums too], but real hiphop LIVE is a therapeutic experience. Think you’re not a hiphop fan? Or not an ‘underground’ fan? Well, I dont care. When you’re done here go find tickets to a show, so you can see what I’m sayin, cuz it can’t be explained in this post. All I know is that hiphop speaks to people. So check it.

This post has been inspired by the Stones Throw CHROME CHILDREN TOUR which we here at MNP peeped last night in the Bean. Between J Rocc rippin it on the decks, Peanut Butter Wolf mixing oldschool videos [yeah, I said VIDEOS son] and Madlib/Lord Quas holdin down on the mic, I damn near lost my mind.

But in particular, we’re giving props and a big shout out to PERCEE P, a true ninja in MNP fashion. This dude walked around the crowd for half the show sellin his own CDs. He’s his own street team! I normally resist the urge to buy albums at concerts, but how can you say no when the man is sellin it himself? I had to go to the ATM between sets and hit him up after he went on [was SICK, by the way…ripped it], and bought his last copy off him. And talk about keepin it real, this ish was on a regular ass CD with the title hand written, mixtape style. And now I’ve been bumpin it all morning. ‘…lyrics worse than acid, what we got, scorchin hot, few drops for ya casket, skills are mastered, you bastard. leave you stretched out like elastic…’. Go check him out.

Lastly…know where a great place to act as MNP street team is? HIPHOP SHOWS [any shows, really]. Print out the flyer image and help out the fam.


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Posted: November 2nd, 2006
at 1:29pm by orangemenace

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  1. Yo! About two years ago I went to the Big Apple to check an Aesop Rock show. Percee P wasn’t even on the bill, but he was there outside the venue trying to sell his CD. I declined. Later, in the middle of Mr. Lif’s set, Percee P approached me again. Again he was trying to get me to buy his CD. Once again, I declined. There was a record release party the next day at Fat Beats across town to celebrate Aesop’s newst album. Sure enough, who did I see at this event? Percee P! And I will be damned if he didn’t try to get me to buy his CD. Well guess what, ninjas? I caved. I pulled out a crumpled $10 bill from out of my pocket and bought his damn CD. So, for all of those ninjas curious about what the “P” in Percee P’s name stands for, it HAS to be “persistence.”

    -DJ Tom Selik

    DJ Tom Selik

    2 Nov 06 at 6:10 pm


  2. hahaha…nice!


    3 Nov 06 at 9:42 am


  3. Haha, good stuff.

    Sneaker Kid

    25 Feb 08 at 5:39 pm


  4. hand-written mixtape style? Ninjas even be printin’ them cd labels nowadays… that dude is oldskooh

    lt brigg

    25 Feb 08 at 8:10 pm



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