My Ninja, Please! 10/27/06: My ninja! Enough said

This story is the perfect example of an important concept that anyone will discover after spending enough time in the dojo: do not judge a book by it’s cover - often times those who look least threatening are the most dangerous…

In this case, our protagonist is an unassuming 70-year-old grandfather named Douglas O’Dell who was jumped by four teenagers. Bad move kids. Turns out this senior citizen is ex-British special forces - aka - the hooligans got one hell of a beating:

"Bad move," said Douglas. "The only part he got right was grandad. If you’re gonna grab someone from behind take their arms and pin them to their waist.

"This joker, I was able to grab his elbow, crouch down and throw him over my shoulder. He landed on his back on a fence and squealed like a stuck pig."

Mr. O’Dell, we grant thee ninja status (not like you needed recognition from us) and formally invite you to stop by the myninjaplease dojo next time you are on this side of the Atlantic.

Story via the Daily Mall


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Posted: October 27th, 2006
at 10:03pm by Pheezatron

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