UCX Architects’ Urban Cactus

The proposed structure, dubbed ‘Urban Cactus’, is a 19 story residential building containing 98 units, which are stacked and rotated in such a way as to allow each unit to have [basically] a two story exterior garden/terrace space. Designed by UCX Architects with Ben Huygen and Jasper Jaegers, the building will be located in the Vuurplaat section of Rotterdam, on the harbor.

Link [with some more image] via archidose

[Ed: I wanna live in that thing!]


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Posted: October 25th, 2006
at 9:43am by orangemenace

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  1. […] what you’re looking at here is the work of the Danish firm 3XN [or 3XNielsen]. their innovative work has won them a number of competitions and awards, including the Dedalo-Minosse Special Prize, the ULI Award Europe, the Miami Bienal Silver Medal and the MIPIM AR Future Projects Award [for more you’ll need to check the 3XN site…can’t link to specific info there because its flash. great site tho, go check it out]. current projects include a new British national museum in Liverpool, and a new arts and media center at the university of Salford [also in the UK]. for more on these projects, or the crazy nordhavnen residences shown above [might remind some of you of the urban cactus building we featured a little while back] you’re just going to have to check us out at the architecture site. read on ninjas… […]



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