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Palindromic: Lost Generation

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Do you refuse to believe that you are from a lost generation?


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Posted: May 6th, 2010
at 3:18pm by Koookiecrumbles

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the Industry: Tadafumi Aoza

Welcome back to another look aroundAthe art side of business per say (whether it be in music, photography or even some sciences). This week the Industry talks with Tadafumi Aoza of part of style-pd, a speciality art shop based in Japan, Sweden, France and the US.

Product Name :Another Crypto 1
Designer : Dizel & Sate
Producer: Dizel & Sate
Product information: Dizel & Sate’s graffiti design is delivered as pizza slice! Limited edition of 30.
Material : Digital print on painted mdf board. Back sockets included.
Size: 58 x 58 x 3 cm (22,8 x 22,8 x 1,2 inch)
Weight per piece: 7.0kg

Could you please introduce yourself and outline your role at Cataci?’s main objective is to offer a global platform forAindependent creators such as freelance designers and smaller companiesAwho we think are truly unique, talented, and contributing toAsociety.We aim to build a creative platform which is located at theAopposite end of the mass production.

How did Cataci decide on the format, "limited releases by independentAcreators" ?

We realized that there are many web stores which are selling exactlyAthe same products, and thought that we should do something different.AOn top of that, we also think that there are so many independentAcreators who have brilliant ideas, but not being able to survive dueAto the fact that large companies are focused on mass products andAmaking profits. So we thought that we can help them out.

What have been some of Cataci’s most surprising products (in terms ofAcustomer response) that you have represented?

Metaphys’s Planters (Factory/Picture)

Product Name :Factory / Rectangle
Designer : Chiaki Murata
Producer: Metaphys
Product information: Living with "Green" makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Metaphys's planters are the replacement for flowers and plants that would normally need lots of attention. Keep it moist all the time by watering every day. Water the seeds sparingly until the first sprout appears in a week or two. It grows up to 40cm - 50cm in the temperature over 20 degrees (Celsius) or 68 degrees (Fahrenheit) which is the normal room temperature. All the Metaphys's planters come with orchard grass seeds and water retention agent. Once it grows, you can cut it so that the surface of the plants will be even.
Material : ABS Resin
Size: 340x170x85mm
Weight per piece: 1.24

These products are based on minimalist Japanese design, but it alsoAshows the traditional Japanese spirit in which we co-exist withAnature. Liviing with nature is something very natural for Japanese,Aand Metaphys’s planters have made it more universal and appealing toAthe people outside Japan.

Cataci seems to align itself with many under-served creative markets, howAhave you been so successful in your B2B niche?

There are retailers and interior designers who share exactly the sameAideas with us. So we have been recognized by a certain people, but weAfeel that there is still a long way to go.

Cataci is based out of Japan and Sweden- how do you coordinate creativeAinput?

Surprisingly, in terms of design and the creative process, there is aAstriking similarity between Japan and Sweden. Japanese and Swedes areAboth into minimalist designs, and ideas inspired by nature. So it hasAturned out to be quite simple to coordinate them.

What type of style defines Cataci?

"Simplicity" and "humor"

Is it difficult representing hand-made and limited run products against theAstuff that is made for the masses?

It is definitely a niche market, but we are sure that there is aAcertain demand for these products which we are representing.

Product Name :Prol/Board
Designer : Chiaki Murata
Producer: Metaphys
Product information: When set against the wall, shelves can appear isolated and even lonely. This new shelf design from METAPHYS brings shelves in towards the center of your room. Users can enjoy creating a variety of different shelf setups that provide the freedom to arrange your own individual space.

How has Cataci worked with the public sector?

The public sector has been conservative, and it has been difficult forAus to penetrate the market since we carry more unique and limitedAedition products.AHowever, we believe that people will have more understanding in theseAunique products we are representing in the near future. The publicAsector has a certain understanding in Art, so why not in some uniqueAtableware or chairs?

What is the process like if an up and coming artist is looking to sell andAget distribution for their work?

They are always welcome to approach us by email: infom(at)

Why did Cataci decide to re-brand from style-pd?

This is a story behind this. We have our offices in Japan, Sweden, and France.A`When I came to Paris, I met some designers and introduced myself andAgave them my business card. Then, some people were laughing by lookingAat my business card. Apparently, "PD" means "Homosexual", butAactually, it is more like insulting gay people. If it just meansA"Homosexual", then obviously we wouldn’t have changed our name. ButAapparently, it is very insulting gay people. So we decided to changeAour brand name. "cataci" means "shape" in Japanese. Officially, itAshould be "Katachi", but we thought "cataci" is even better because itAcan sound like some Latin words as well. By the way, our company isAstill registered as "style-pd, Inc.". Only our brand name has beenAchanged to "cataci".

Product Name :Birds on a wire
Designer : JBA Design
Producer: Launch Design Partner (LADP)
Product information: Birds on a wire: a frozen moment before the pecking begins. Bird is a hand made, ceramic wall hanger inspired by the characteristic shape of woodpeckers. Comes in black, white and yellow.

Where would Cataci like to expand in the world and see their presence build?

China and Russia. There is growing interest in these unique designAitems in these countries.

What can the creative community look for from Cataci in the next couple ofAyears?

We would like to be the global platform for independent creators, andAthat is how we want to be recognized by the creative community.

:: images courtesy of Tadafumi Aoza of ::

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Posted: May 4th, 2010
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If you haven’t watched the DOJO yet, what are you waiting for?A Get a glimpse into the 1st episode of Chicago’s myninjaplease inspired DVD Mag! Check it out!

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Posted: May 1st, 2010
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