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Rick Santelli: What a D!ck

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Yes, Mr Santelli - we should simply tell all those stupid, foolish people who watched CNBC for the past decade, listened to you’re BS hyping the markets, and then acted on advice given by people such as yourself, to go screw. You sir, are an asshole - people like you helped push the greedy policies that duped these unfortunate individuals into believing making these bad investments [and for years made people like you shitloads of money]. Where were you to tell these people that getting into these mortgages was a bad idea?

Additionally, this guy - and people like him - are pulling some Reagan-type nonsense over here and making broad, unfounded claims about homeowners in trouble with their mortgages. Just as Ronald talked shit about ‘welfare queens’, suggesting that was a majority trend in our welfare system [Republican bullshit], now peolpe like Rick the Dick here are characterising the owners of the toxic mortgages as greedy and system-abusing individuals who should be left out in the cold. Meanwhile, the reality here is that the system was set up to take advantage of these home buyers - the majority of whom were simply regular people trying to do that whole ‘American dream’ thing and own a house.

A poll to see if we want to subsidize the ‘losers’ mortgages? I’d bet my life that more Americans would prefer that to subsidizing all these banks. At least if we help homeowners, we know that money will start to flow again - as mortgage aid means these people can do things like shop again. That, and I would hope the average citizen would prefer help an individual to a corporation. So far these banks are just taking our money and telling us to take a long walk - screwing the general population yet again.

Lastly - do we really need CNBC? Its a station devoted to riding capitalism like a rodeo show - continuously arguing in support of the only economic system we have.
[Note: I decided a rant was the only appropriate way to discuss this jackass’ rant - my apologies]


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Posted: March 2nd, 2009
at 2:17am by orangemenace

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