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Senator to AIG Execs : Think Suicide


Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley has suggested that AIG executives should do the only honorable thing - commit ritual suicide, samurai-style.

"I suggest, you know, obviously, maybe they ought to be removed," Grassley said. "But I would suggest the first thing that would make me feel a little bit better toward them if they’d follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say, I’m sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide.

"And in the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology."

My ninjas, PLEASE. That’s just too too serious…

.:full story - > via AP news


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Posted: March 18th, 2009
at 1:55pm by orangemenace

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The Man with the Bionic Eye

EYEBORG- The Two Week Trial from eyeborg on Vimeo.

Take a one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer, and a vision for something that’s never been done before and you have yourself the EyeBorg Project. Rob Spence, Kosta Grammatis and a team of others are trying to make history by embedding a video camera and a transmitter in a prosthetic eye. That eye is going in Robs eye socket, and will record the world from a perspective that’s never been seen before.

.:The Eyeborg Project->

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Posted: March 18th, 2009
at 1:41pm by orangemenace

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Pope: Condoms don’t prevent AIDS?


The Pope courted further controversy on his first trip to Africa today by declaring that condoms were not a solution to the Aids epidemic a€" but were instead part of the problem.

In his first public comments on condom use, the pontiff told reporters en route to Cameroon that Aids "is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, and that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems".

Pope Benedict has previously stressed that the Roman Catholic Church is in the forefront of the battle against Aids. The Vatican encourages sexual abstinence to fight the spread of the disease.

I think that all of us with some com-sense can agree that this is irresponsible. I mean, have NO stance on condoms, and simply condemn sex / preach abstinence. Then when some NGO is handing out Trojans, people won’t think "wait, the Pope / my local priest said these things don’t even work", and toss them aside. Seems simple enough.

[note: yes, St Patty’s Day is the perfect time to call out the Pope, as he understands that all of my people are smash-faced]

.:Condoms don’t help against AIDS -> Times Online

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Posted: March 17th, 2009
at 12:03pm by orangemenace

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Who’s Watchin’ the Watchmen?

Um, the end is nigh-er than a mofo… you can click the image to enlarge it.

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Posted: March 17th, 2009
at 11:16am by Black Ock

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Quote of the Day

This point seems both totally obvious and strangely unremarked. Environmentalists tend to view climate change denialism as a top-down, money-driven phenomenon. Energy producers, auto manufacturers, oil companies and other interested parties court politicians, buy friendly scientists, and groom armies of lawyers, lobbyists, and op-ed writers to push their agenda. Or so the theory goes. And, of course, therea€™s a lot of merit to that theory. You dona€™t need a compass to follow the trail of money.

But the theory only goes so far. A significant proportion of average American citizens reject the reality of climate change. Yes, years of dueling talking heads in the media has sown a certain amount of confusion. But confusion isna€™t whata€™s driving the regular flow of blog comments and email from the dedicated dead-enders.

Consider also that most of the large companies vested in the status quo dona€™t themselves refute the basic reality of global warming. Herea€™s the president of Shell Oil: a€oeWe have to deal with greenhouse gasesa€¦the debate is over. When 98 percent of scientists agree, who [can] say, a€Leta€™s debate the science.a€™a€A

.::Read the Artice at -> TerraPass

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Posted: March 17th, 2009
at 11:05am by Black Ock

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Alanis Morisette - My Humps

YouTube Preview Image

Alanis brings us this stirring rendition of a Fergie, uh, classic.

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Posted: March 17th, 2009
at 10:58am by Black Ock

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Jonestown, The Peoples Temple - Documentary

This is documentary about Jim Jones (the loon, NOT the rapper, you fool)

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Posted: March 16th, 2009
at 10:42am by Black Ock

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Say Please, Please


A Canadian who demanded courtesy from a U.S. border security guard says he was pepper sprayed and held in custody for three hours for asking the disrespectful officer to a€oesay pleasea€A when ordering him to turn his car off during a search.

a€oeI refused to turn off the car until he said please. He didna€™t. And he has the gun, I guess, so he sprayed me,a€A said Desiderio Fortunato, a Coquitlam, B.C., resident who frequently crosses the border to visit his second home in the state of Washington. a€oeIs that illegal in the United States, asking an officer to be polite?a€A

The incident occurred on Monday at the Aldergrove border crossing, east of Vancouver, shortly after 12 p.m. Mr. Fortunato, a dance studio director, was travelling to his home in Blaine, Wash., to retrieve a wallet his wife had left during their most recent visit.

He said he was questioned by a border officer who demanded he turn off his car and, when asked to make the request more politely, threatened to spray him with his pepper gun if he did not comply.

a€oeI just felt I should stand my ground about it. I should not be treated like that. No matter what kind of position you are in, if you want respect you have to show respect,a€A he said yesterday. a€oeI asked him three times and when I didna€™t turn the car off, because he didna€™t say please, he pepper sprayed mea€¦. It was terrible. For half an hour or so I couldna€™t see anything.a€A

.:cryptogon ->

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Posted: March 13th, 2009
at 2:22pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Stewart V Cramer: Hilariousness

We’ve managed to not mention anything about this strange John Stewart vs Jim Cramer and all of the NBC family ridiculousness - but when I saw this video, I thought it summed everything up quite nicely / hilariously.

You’ve got to love how NBC AND CNBC are trying to make Stewart out to be some kind of clown who doesn’t know what he;s talking about - with CNBC suggesting that he [Stewart] should try his hand at predicting the market. Well, CNBC - that’s not his job, it’s yours. His job is to clown you for being inept, and probably contributing to the bubble in the first place. I especially like how Dora the Explorer explains things so concisely at the end of the video…and teaches all the youngens some Spanish!

Now you can tune in to the Daily Show tonight, when Cramer appears as the guest - should make for great television [or you can skip it - I’m sure I’ll be posting a clip of it tomorrow].

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Posted: March 12th, 2009
at 5:29pm by orangemenace

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