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According to Plan


In the dead of night in a small hideaway office in the deserted Capitol, a clandestine meeting takes place between two senators with one goal.

They grin at each other as they lift their celebratory shots of brutally cold Stolichnaya.

a€oeOur toast to The One,a€A they say in unison, a€oeis that hea€™s toast.a€A

a€oeObama should have picked you, Hillary,a€A John McCain tells her. a€oeIt isna€™t fair, my friend. But it just makes it easier for me to whup him.a€A

a€oeDona€™t worry, John, Ia€™ve put it behind me,a€A Hillary replies. a€oeIa€™m looking toward the future now, a future that looks very bright, once we send Twig Legs back to the back bench.a€A

They chortle with delight.


.::Read the full Op-Ed, by Maureen Dowd -> Two Against The One


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Posted: September 4th, 2008
at 10:06am by orangemenace

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Welcome to the RNC


Check out some great photos of St. Paul during the RNC - courtesy of our ninja Tobin Russell over at Notes from the Crib [lots of other great work to check out - don’t miss the image galleries].

.::image via -> Notes from the Crib

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Posted: September 4th, 2008
at 9:28am by orangemenace

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Whip of the week


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Posted: September 4th, 2008
at 5:59am by Koookiecrumbles

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Ninja Homes: Casa Kike


Similar to a post over at AMNP on living in a bookcase, we’ve got the recent Lubetkin Prize [RIBA] winning Casa Kike - designed by Gianni Botsford Architects. Located in Cahuita, Costa Rica, the home was built for a writer - and is meant to house 17,000 books [I bet there’s lots of pictures…]. Here’s RIBA’s description of the award:

The Lubetkin Prize is named in honour of the Georgia-born architect, who worked in Paris before coming to London in the 1930s to establish the influential Tecton Group.

It is awarded for the most outstanding building outside the EU by an RIBA member and is chosen from winners of RIBA International Awards| following visits by a jury of architects and a lay judge.


And if I had to weigh-in, I’d have to say that the house is pretty siiick - and I want one. Two connected pavilions, the home is separated by function: the larger volume contains one large open space, containing the authors book, work space, and a grand piano - while the smaller volume contains a bedroom and bath [if I’m not mistaken, there is an existing structure on the property, containing kitchen, etc].


The two structures are built with a locally [and sustainably] harvested wood, clad in corrugated metal panels [another local material], and sit on four foot tall wood piles [a hard wood called CachAA - which is so dense that it sinks in water, and as a result is also naturally termite proof].


I particularly love the way the structure bends from roof to wall, forming the frame work for the bookcase - a feature element of the writer’s studio space. That, and the way the different volumes are connected through these outdoor decks [last image, below] - it must be pretty incredible to live in a location where you can treat the outside as a connector between your living spaces. Although, doesn’t it rain a lot in Costa Rica?



::info and images via Gianni Botsford Architects::

::Check out our previous a€Ninja Homesa€ features::

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Posted: September 3rd, 2008
at 10:15am by orangemenace

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a€oeLilypad Islandsa€A by Vincent Callebaut



The design of the city is inspired by the shape of the great Amazonia Victoria Regia lilypad. Some countries spend billions of pounds working on making their beaches and dams bigger and stronger. But the lilypad project is actually a long-term solution to the problem of the water rising.a€A He added: a€oeIta€™s an amphibious city without any roads or any cars. The whole city is covered by plants housed in suspended gardens. The goal is to create a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.a€A The a€Lilypad Citya€™ would float around the world as an independent and fully self-sustainable home. With a lake at its centre to collect and purify rainwater, it would be accessed by three separate marinas and feature artificial mountains to offer the inhabitants a change of scenery from the seascape. Power for the central accommodation hub is provided through a series of renewable energy sources including solar panels on the mountain sides, wind turbines and a power station to harness the energy of the waves.

.::Design at ->

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Posted: September 3rd, 2008
at 5:17am by Koookiecrumbles

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Africa in Perspective


.::Via ->

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Posted: September 2nd, 2008
at 6:59am by Koookiecrumbles

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The Output Model


Q&A with the top two executives of Craigslist, founder Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster:

Q: I know you guys dona€™t want to sell out to make a fast buck, and I appreciate that independent spirit. But you could be making more money by charging minimally for posting in certain categories. Wouldna€™t it be worth it to obtain that money, and donate it to non-profits, charities, or other worthy causes?
JIM: The traditional philanthropic model is to make as much money as possible and then give a percentage back to the community. We do donate more than 1 percent of our revenues to charitable causes, but we feel it is much more important to serve the community directly as our primary business.
CRAIG: Ita€™s more effective to let people keep the cash. We also see that groups like the Gates Foundation have lots of money to donate, but ita€™s very hard to do so in a sustainable way. No one has really figured it out yet.

.::Excerpt at -> portfolio

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Posted: September 2nd, 2008
at 4:45am by Koookiecrumbles

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Ciroc Obama

Puffy alleges that there are no black people in Alaska, amongst other true nonsense.

YouTube Preview Image
mnp warlord (12:09:04 PM): she’s a nice lady… but you shoulda picked michelle obama as yo’ running mate
guru jen (12:09:11 PM): laughing
mnp warlord (12:09:17 PM): "that is completely irresponsible"
guru jen (12:09:20 PM): laughing
mnp warlord (12:09:26 PM): hahaha
mnp warlord (12:09:32 PM): i don’t believe it gets funnier
mnp warlord (12:09:52 PM): Ciroc Obama… wow
guru jen (12:10:10 PM): laughing
mnp warlord (12:10:42 PM): what is he sitting on top of that spins like that?
mnp warlord (12:10:48 PM): and how can he concentrate
guru jen (12:10:55 PM): i know
guru jen (12:11:03 PM): it’s a mini merry go round thing
guru jen (12:11:09 PM): on some ghetto ass playground
mnp warlord (12:11:14 PM): hahaha
guru jen (12:11:17 PM): it is like symbolic of like american politics

Special thanks to Lucy for this one.

.::Via -> PerezHilton

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Posted: September 1st, 2008
at 12:27pm by Black Ock

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Billy Gates Quits Facebook

Working on Labor Day means that you see the weirdest stories in the elevator. I google’d this and got the article below.

.::Via -> The WSJ by Ben Worthen

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has stopped using the Web site Facebook, the most damning indictment in a week full of bad press for social-networking technology.

Social-networking Web sites, which help people share and find information about one another, were supposed to change the way people use the Internet and the way we work. But lately, all wea€™re hearing about are the problems.

Workers who created profiles on Facebook are horrified to find out they cana€™t be erased, the New York Times reports. Even if you deactivate your account, Facebook still keeps a copy of all the information you ever posted. And, the Times reports, ita€™s still possible to contact people through deleted Facebook pages.

And ita€™s not just older worker who realize theya€™ve inadvertently given colleagues insight into their private lives that are upset: The MySpace generation is getting sick of MySpace, too, according to MSNBC. Theya€™re turned off by too much advertising on social-networking sites. Thata€™s one reason the amount of time the average person spends on a social-networking site has dropped 14% over the last four months, according to Internet research company comScore.

If that werena€™t enough, Computerworld recently regurgitated a handful of reasons why the sites arena€™t appropriate for the workplace. The highlights: They use up too much bandwidth; they cause employees to waste time; and therea€™s a chance that someone will disclose sensitive information.

None of those reasons caused Bill Gates to abandon his Facebook account, however. His problem is excessive celebrity. After Microsoft invested $240 million in Facebook last year, Gates spent 30 minutes a day on the social-networking site, the Sun reports. a€oeBut he signed off after getting more than 8,000 friend requests a day, and spotted weird fan sites about him,a€A says the Sun, citing an unnamed colleague. The article linked above says he deleted the account. A Microsoft spokesperson tells us that Gates hasna€™t deleted it, but that he has stopped using it because he was inundated with friend requests. Not that deleting the account would have done any good.

I’m not sure I believe any of this. I think the real reason is that Mr. Gates became embroiled in a status war with Steve Jobs. "Steve is… I don’t care what you say, MacBook Air is sexy" was quickly countered by "Bill Gates is buying iPhones and installing Linux." (Steve still doesn’t realize you can erase the ‘is.’) The camel’s back was broken when mutual friend, The Economy, changed its relationship status to "it’s complicated with… the price of gas."

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Posted: September 1st, 2008
at 9:03am by Black Ock

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