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CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

This right here was killin’ me - and was way too ignorant not to post.

CERN’s newest project was covered by AMNP last year.


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Posted: August 27th, 2008
at 8:11am by orangemenace

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Embracing The Plan


Raumplan, masterplan, plan libre, planned community, game plan, health plan, escape plan, business plan, floor plan … There is likely no other word in the architect’s, landscape architect’s, urban designer’s, urban planner’s vocabulary that is more vacuous than "plan." When uttered, its use and application are completely overlooked, or resigned to technicality.

Can the agency of the plan be entirely rethought to no longer be simply relegated to a set of descriptive orthographic drawings? Can the plan be resuscitated into new life, new applications, new considerations?

The plan keeps coming up again
The plan means nothing; stays the same
But the plan won’t accomplish anything
If it’s not implemented
- The Plan, Built to Spill (1999)

Nine (types of) plans that embrace making a plan: discrepancy, strategy, shape, playbook, leverage, indeterminate, obstruction, formula and relational.

.::Read in full at a€">

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Posted: August 27th, 2008
at 5:05am by Koookiecrumbles

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Buying Back the Community


BOSTON a€" As a wave of home foreclosures courses through the United States, some of the nationa€™s hardest hit cities think they have found a way to ease the blight left on their communities by the crisis.

Using taxpayer and private money, Boston, Minneapolis, San Diego and a handful of other places are buying foreclosed properties to refurbish and resell them to developers and homeowners in an effort to prevent troubled neighborhoods from sliding into urban decay.

.::Read the full article a€">

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Posted: August 27th, 2008
at 4:27am by Koookiecrumbles

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MNP Loves Teddy K.

YouTube Preview Image

We ninjas try not to get caught up in the politricks, but come on - its Ted Kennedy, speaking against doctors orders, saying ‘fuck-a terminal brain tumor, I have things to do’.

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Posted: August 26th, 2008
at 11:10pm by orangemenace

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Sundance Channel: Architecture School

YouTube Preview Image

All I have to say is: it’s about feckin’ time.

The Sundance Channel’s new reality series, Architecture School, premiered last Wednesday night. Unfortunately I slept, and didn’t realize that the series was finally starting up - but lucky for me, and any of you ninjas out there that missed it too, Sundance will air a rerun this Wednesday night before the new episode airs.

The clips look both interesting and hilarious - giving me high hopes for the show, thinking that it might actually capture some of the ridiculousness that is the architecture studio in a school. The show follows students from Tulane as they participate in a design-build studio - first choosing one of their designs for an afforable home for a family who lost their home to Katrina - then moving on to the actual building of the home, which the students will also be involved in. Really, it should be an interesting show - full of insights into the design process, and [I hope] the ignorance that happens late-night in the studio.

Architecture School airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 [with a rerun of the previous episode at 8:30] on Sundance [sorry Project Runway, but you’re out].

.::from AMNP a€">

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Posted: August 26th, 2008
at 10:59am by orangemenace

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Nineteen Ninety Now #8

YouTube Preview Image
This a little feature that we do just to take you back to the oldschool for a second of your day, when things were simpler and ninjas were united under one banner (terrible pop culture). If you remember these joints, post up a comment!

Those silhouetted dancers are rocking their mullets EXTRA hard… to the point where it makes me slightly "incAAmodo."

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Posted: August 26th, 2008
at 10:30am by Black Ock

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The Most Trusted Man In America?


In fact, Mr. Stewart regards comedy as a kind of catharsis machine, a therapeutic filter for grappling with upsetting issues. a€oeWhata€™s nice to us about the relentlessness of the show,a€A he said, a€oeis you know youa€™re going to get that release no matter what, every night, Monday through Thursday. Like pizza, it may not be the best pizza youa€™ve ever had, but ita€™s still pizza, man, and you get to have it every night. Ita€™s a wonderful feeling to have this toxin in your body in the morning, that little cup of sadness, and feel by 7 or 7:30 that night, youa€™ve released it in sweat equity and can move on to the next day.a€A

.::Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?AA a€"> The New York Times

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Posted: August 26th, 2008
at 8:50am by orangemenace

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Expansionism : Chicago


Chicago is a place where the slumlord is not mystified and the neighborhoods are starch. What happens in the city does so at the cost of people that just ‘can’t get with it.’ One of the handful of remaining American cities. One of expansion. With policy, transportation and cultural problems at the base of any hope of restructuring, there are real obstacles to creation.

If youa€™re not determined to get your goal, there are a number of times you just arena€™t going to get there. I always say, a€If therea€™s a wall in front of us, and you cana€™t go over it, go under it, go around it, go through it, get a bulldozer and knock it down. Do whatever the hell you have to do to get through that wall.a€™ [Gerald Fogelson on success]

Creative negotiation is what works.


Chicago’s greatest misstep in urban planning was the evaporation of Maxwell Street, the blues capital of the world. The neighborhood that connected the South Side to the proverbial North Side was now gone. "Preservation" : is this even possible in a city with such distinct regional zones?

For the policy makers in Chicago, "design" means signature architecture, but the importance of design does not trickle down to the look and feel of the marketing collateral of the city agencies and allied policy organizations. In other words, Chicago’s primary pitch was "This is a great city to get things done," but was not necessarily a city that promotes innovative design at a wide range of scales and for multiple audiences.


Who is responsible for forcing the mostly dreaded walkable city (a version of)? If the skyline wasn’t the priority, street cars would be in effect..

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Posted: August 26th, 2008
at 5:12am by Koookiecrumbles

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10 Q’s for the Dalai Lama - Documentary

A blending of biography, philosophy, adventure, and politics, 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama conveys more than history, and more than answers. It opens a window into the heart of a great man and spiritual leader.

I watched this Sunday morning and thought it was definitely worth sharing. I feel as if the Tibet situation [travesty, really] is something that people think is wrong and want to help - yet many don’t fully understand the complexities of what’s going on, or the Dalai Lama’s opinion on how things should be handled.

.::10 Questions for the Dalai Lama -> PBS

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Posted: August 25th, 2008
at 11:30am by orangemenace

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