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Where is Kevin Bacon?



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Posted: May 2nd, 2008
at 9:40am by Koookiecrumbles

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Good Fridays by The Karma Army

Do something Good this Friday. Tell me what it was. Tell me whether it made you feel better. Tell me if anything good happened to you in the two days that followed. If karma exists, you are the living proof.

Click here to tell me what you did…

The more good deeds you do, the higher up in the Karma Army you will rise. Maybe one day you will able to say you are a Sergeant in the Karma Army. Maybe one day youa€™ll even make it to Major. Imagine that!

Have a look at this happy old mana€™s face… why is it happy? Because Joinee Dixon of London works in a bar called Malibu, and gave this man a free beer, in the name of Join Me and The Karma Army!

Could you do something similar this Friday? Or any day? If you do, be sure and tell me about it!

Get involved in The Karma Army! Today! And every Friday, too!

Well done, Joinees.

via join-me

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Posted: May 2nd, 2008
at 9:16am by Koookiecrumbles

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Bill Murray, Rza, GZA - Coffee & Cigarettes

I thought about this scene the other day, even though this movie came out quite some time ago. I haven’t seen it since then but - this is still killing me.

YouTube Preview Image

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Posted: May 1st, 2008
at 9:19am by Black Ock

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Where is Melchizedec?


The Most Serene Republic of Melchizedec is a massive, devout nation, remarkable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 3.068 billion enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people’s right to vote held sacrosanct.

The large, corrupt government juggles the competing demands of Education, Law & Order, and Social Welfare. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 20%. A robust private sector is led by the Trout Farming, Soda Sales, and Gambling industries.

Voting is voluntary. Crime is moderate. Melchizedec’s national animal is the blessed soul and its currency is the eternal life.

Melchizedec is ranked 4th in the region and 16,047th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector. [nationstates]

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Posted: April 21st, 2008
at 5:41pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Danica Patrick wins Indy Japan 300


The third race of the IRL season and last event before the on set of the merger was history in the making. The Indy Japan 300 was a difficult race to get off the ground though, as rainy conditions cancelled qualifying and caused postponement of the race start.

Twin Ring Motegi will now forever be the site where the first female driver won an Indy Car event. Danica Patrick sealed the deal after passing Helio Castroneves with 2 laps to go in the 200 lap race. The historical event was made possible through excellent planning and strategy on the part of the Andretti Green team. Danica sat in fourth with 4 laps to go, but fuel starvation forced Dan Wheldon and Tony Kanaan into the pits. Fuel level was also an issue with Castroneves, he was in conservation mode in the final laps. Thanks to the efforts of her crew, Patrick had enough fuel to maintain speed throughout the race and take her first, and hopefully not last, win in the big leagues. [autoblog]

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Posted: April 21st, 2008
at 5:41pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Spend It Like Beckham?

Soccer superstar David Beckham has earned yet another distinction that sets him apart from mere mortalsa€"but this time not in a good way. It turns out Beckham has the worlda€™s largest carbon footprint and, for that matter, the largest in human history, according to Carbon Trust, a green group based in the UK.

Beckham and his spicy wife Victoria (aka Posh of the Spice Girls) fuel multiple homes around the world as well as 15 gas-guzzling vehicles, including a Hummer, a Porsche and a customized Lincoln Navigator. And between them, the couple logs more miles in carbon-spewing airliners than most pilots.

In 2007 alone, Beckham flew 250,000 milesa€"more than he would need for a trip to the far side of the moona€"jetting off to play in soccer matches around the world, to fulfill his advertising contracts, and to serve as official photographer for the Spice Girls when the group kicked off its comeback tour. In the process, Beckham personally contributed 163 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (compared to 9.4 tons annually for the average British citizen).

And thata€™s not even counting the carbon released by the raucous cheers and swooning sighs of his adoring fans.

Naturally, environmentalists and green politicians are calling on Beckham to reduce his carbon footprint by making lifestyle and travel choices that lead to fewer emissions, and to help raise awareness about the dangers of global warming. [environment.about]

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Posted: April 17th, 2008
at 7:09am by Koookiecrumbles

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Kung-fu star Jackie Chan to chop down Olympic protestors


Kung-fu action hero Jackie Chan has warned anyone planning to stop him carrying the Olympic Torch he will come out fighting.

The Hong Kong hardman, whose films include Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon, is due to carry the torch when it nears Beijing, the venue for this summer’s Olympic Games.

The Torch Relay’s journey through Europe and North America has seen it become a magnet for protestors angry at China’s human rights record and the clampdown in Tibet. [metro via radar]

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Posted: April 16th, 2008
at 8:00am by Koookiecrumbles

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Cookin’ with Coolio #1

I’m about to post all of these over the coming weeks.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh my, too hilarious.

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Posted: April 15th, 2008
at 12:59pm by Black Ock

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Is Steven Seagal under siege?


There are many facets to Steven Seagal - actor, musician, martial artist, philanthropist. I know this because I read it on his website. With so many good things going on in his life you’d think Seagal would be one of the happiest men alive and yet it seems there’s trouble in paradise. Steven is mad-vexed at the Feds for ruining his film career with accusations that he intimidated journalists and has links to organised crime. The Bureau has a history of waving its jurisdiction in the faces of ordinary Americans but messing with a legend? Sounds like they’ve gone too far this time.

It’s easy to sympathise with Seagal, as it is with any fading star. In his early 90s peak his movies could gross upwards of $150m and now he spends his time churning out straight-to-DVD clinkers (although, being the winner he is, he manages to excel at that too).

While he’s right that stories of links to organised crime and strong-arming of the press can make a studio twitchy, there has always been a bottom line in Hollywood - if people were clamouring to see his movies than the Feds couldn’t touch him. Threatening the media certainly never did Russell Crowe’s career any harm and hanging a photographer out of a hotel window didn’t stop Sean Penn winning an Oscar.

The sad truth is that the action movie genre has moved on since Seagal averted nuclear war in Under Siege. It is just possible that at 56, Seagal is too old for the action movie game. Those roundhouse kicks and smackdowns just don’t come as fluidly as they used to. He should not despair though. He’s got his music, his Peta activism and Steven’s Lightning Bolt (a drink which "promotes energy and vitality", fact fans). This is before I even mention his Reincarnation of the Treasure Revealer Chungdrag Dorje of Palyul Monastery.

It may very well be that Seagal is just a bit too classy, a bit too spiritual and a bit too philanthropic for the ugly materialistic ideals that prevail today. Either that or he’s a sociopathic thug who bullies journalists and makes unwatchable movies. I really can’t make up my mind. Help me out here. Who is the real Steven Seagal? via

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Posted: April 14th, 2008
at 9:00am by Koookiecrumbles

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