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MNP Keynote Speakers - Raul Castro


I assume the responsibility entrusted in me in the conviction that, as I have stated many times, the Commander in Chief of the Cuban revolution is only one person: Fidel is Fidel, we all know that well. Fidel is irreplaceable and the people will continue his task after he’s no longer physically here. . . .


Today, a more compact and functional structure [of government] is required, with a smaller number of organizations in the central administration of the state and a better distribution of the functions it performs. . . . In sum, we have to make the work of our government more efficient. . . .


The Communist Party, a sure guarantee of the unity of the Cuban nation, is the sole worthy heir to our peoplea€™s confidence in its leader. It is the top leading force of our State and society as provided in Article 5 of our Constitution approved by referendum by exactly 97.7% of the voters.

This conviction shall become especially significant when as a fact of life the generation that founded and forged the Revolution is no longer present.


The international prophets of doom who predict the death of the revolution attempted to cast a favorable light on the criticism that emerged during the study-reflection in [my] speech of July 26 [2007] in CamagAAey, not understanding that it was a critical debate within socialism. . . .

There are people who speak before they get sick, who demand things without realizing whether they’re saying something rational or harebrained. They agree, as a rule, with those who demand rights without ever mentioning responsibilities. . . .

As Comrade Fidel said in one of his reflections, we do not deny them their right to express themselves, so long as it is within the framework of the law. Faced with a situation of that type, we cannot be extremists, but we cannot be naive, either. . . . But if someone attempts to exert pressure with the intention of hogging center stage, or driven by ambition, demagoguery, opportunism, deceit, self-sufficiency or another such human weakness, we must resolutely confront him, without offense, but calling things what they are. . . . -President Raul Castro
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Posted: March 4th, 2008
at 12:27pm by Black Ock

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Keynote Speakers : Minister Louis Farrakhan


They say when war is fought the first casualty is truth.


A couple of days ago Kosovo declared its independence. That doesn’t mean anything to you- you haven’t declared yours yet.


Look man, there’s no racism in a foxhole.


I didn’t tell anybody who to vote for.


‘I don’t think Barack is black enough’- he wasn’t supposed to be.


My brother Marvin raised a good question. What’s going on?

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Posted: February 24th, 2008
at 9:27pm by Koookiecrumbles

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