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Jay-Z on BBC One

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Kind of hilarious.


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Posted: February 21st, 2010
at 5:00am by orangemenace

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Comic: Life, Times, and Death of IE6

.:view the rest of the comic->via Smashing Magazine

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Posted: February 20th, 2010
at 7:00am by orangemenace

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The Fresh Prince on Christ TV

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In West Philadelphia, born and raised - on the playground is where I spend most of my days…

I wouldn’t advise watching the entire video, but the first 3/4s or so are pretty entertaining.

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Posted: January 25th, 2010
at 2:01pm by orangemenace

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Speaking of Which

If you’re not reading ReepSow you’re, like, missing a lot of hilarity and educacion. Don’t drown in a pool of your own negligence, ninjoids.

Though the philosopher saint Chris S. has argued otherwise (see comments below), these scenes are not precursors of so-called "erasure comics". I hold that, just as the Lord’s Prayer has been printed in Braille for blind people, it has here been printed in Woodcuts for illiterates. This sheet can be conveniently pasted to the back of a pew for churchgoers. Traces of this phenomenon are found as far abroad as Sweden.

Read ReepSow, written by one of our ancient ninja masters.

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Posted: January 21st, 2010
at 1:57pm by Black Ock

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Akinator, the Web Genius


MNP has a small challenge. Think of somebody famous real or unreal…. OK got it?

Test your regimen with Akinator, the Web Genius, if he does not guess your character correctly MNP will serve you with a coupon worth a couple of G’s at the nearest Grey Poupon restaurant. Not really, but check the site and challenge your wits!

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For the Lonely and Loveless

sexual positions for the lonely and loveless

Click to enlarge… uh…

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Posted: November 22nd, 2009
at 12:25pm by Black Ock

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Star Wars: uncut

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 046 from BaronMunchausen on Vimeo.

What’s better than watching Star Wars? Reenacting it, of course! Star Wars: uncut allows you to sign up to reenact a 15 second scene from Sar Wars episode IV. When all the scenes have been completed, they’ll be stitch together to make one hell of a ridiculous looking movie…should be great.

If you’re interested, sign up for a scene now - there aren’t many left!

Those of you who aren’t moved to film something yourselves, I sugest you still go check out the scenes that are already finished - some are pretty feckin’ hilarious.

.:Star Wars: uncut->

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Posted: August 5th, 2009
at 2:00am by orangemenace

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Omegle - Chat With Randos

omegleSo, if you’re like me, you probably have a bit of time on your hands. And if you have time on your hands then you may find yourself interested in the most inane pursuits - like chatting with people online.

Omegle is a service that allows users to open a webpage and begin to chat with whatever random rando that happens to be doing the same thing at the same minute. All conversations take place between "Stranger" and "You." Most conversations are short-lived and non-interesting. There are many children using the service, not to mention those interested in profane and/or sexual, which can make for a wack experience. But ever so often there is one person who makes the entire thing worth it.

I had a conversation with a dude from Sri Lanka where we went from him hating on America, to him explaining to me the pitfalls of getting married and the benefits of regular hash use. I know that many people won’t have the patience for stuff like Omegle, and why should they? It’s really stupid, and it’s a huge waste of time. But it’s something to do when you’re bored. And like, you shouldn’t judge people for how the spend their free time, okay??

And somehow I can’t help from thinking that this may be the start of some new social paradigm… and once you see the guy who made it all up… you’ll be convinced

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Posted: July 14th, 2009
at 9:40am by Black Ock

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Absurd Time Covers


from the folks over at Reason- from Crack Kids to Dirty Words, there are some ‘classic’ Time covers from the last 40 years to be seen…

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Posted: July 9th, 2009
at 7:53am by Koookiecrumbles

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