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Bisti - MNP Walks the Earfs

Posted: March 3rd, 2008
at 11:40am by Black Ock

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Posted: March 1st, 2008
at 6:04pm by jessie

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Obama Thrives on MNP ‘Bump’ - Receives New Backers

Posted: February 25th, 2008
at 8:35am by Black Ock

Categories: myninjaplease,too good to be true,mnp is for the children,politricks,9th dan

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The World in 2050

Posted: February 23rd, 2008
at 2:22am by Koookiecrumbles

Categories: business,weaponry,9th dan

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Raekwon: The Fall of the Abbot

Posted: February 11th, 2008
at 10:46am by Black Ock

Categories: hood status,music,weaponry,9th dan,science

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Quote of the day

Posted: February 8th, 2008
at 3:38am by Koookiecrumbles

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Posted: January 30th, 2008
at 5:17pm by Black Ock

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Quote of the day

Posted: January 25th, 2008
at 1:24pm by Koookiecrumbles

Categories: hood status,games,9th dan,quote of the day

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Possible Senility?

Posted: January 23rd, 2008
at 12:26pm by Black Ock

Categories: celebrity,not ninja-worthy,politricks,9th dan

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