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Art Battles


Art battles are relatively new (circa 2001), but are gaining ground, especially in NYC. Taking form similar to the dj and mc battles of hip-hop, what a great way to create new art! At the above featured battle, the winner took home the loser’s creation. A cool concept that rewards healthy competition.




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Posted: November 18th, 2009
at 9:42pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Levar Burton’s 99 Problems


Really tho, this is pretty hilarious regardless - but for Geordi La Forge / Mr Reading Rainbow to link to it himself? Priceless.

.:via->Levar Burton’s Twitter feed

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Posted: November 16th, 2009
at 11:03pm by orangemenace

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Explosive Art: ‘Big Bang’


Michael Marcovici is a Vienna-based artist who has created this interesting ‘Big Bang’ series of paintings [more paintings can be found on his site]. Marcovici has essentially created paint-filled explosives, which he set up so they create these dynamic spray patterns. A fine-lined grid is then drawn, to contrast the randomness of the explosive ink.

First I built the explosives. Then I fitted them in a glass tube and filled the tube with Rotring india ink, my favorite type of ink. For each painting I used one to four of these ink bombs. I attached them to a metal sheet or to a strong piece of wood placed on top of the paper, then set them on fire. That way, the works were created within the split second of the explosion.





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Posted: November 12th, 2009
at 11:25am by orangemenace

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Finger Modeling?

YouTube Preview Image

This is just absolutely RIDICULOUS. I mean, my ninjas PLEASE - at this year’s Japan Fashion Week [9th annual], this was actually some kind of show/presentation.

Really, this should probably count as our Japanese Video of the Week.

.:via->design dummy

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Posted: November 11th, 2009
at 9:27am by orangemenace

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The RZA & The Heart of Perfect Wisdom

rza_beyond shaolin

The RZA speaks on the Heart Sutra and Right Speech in an interview with the Shambhala Sun.

With his second book, The Tao of Wu, out this month, The RZA - leader of what is arguably the most important hip-hop group, The Wu-Tang Clan - recently spoke to the Shambhala Sun. Why? Well, the way of the RZA is one of embracing many religious practices and disciplines. A spiritual seeker, he first found real inspiration in the teachings of The Nation of Gods and Earths, but has since delved into Taoism, Christianity, Confucianism, and, yes, Buddhism - even visiting China’s famed Shaolin Temple.

In this Shambhala Sun Audio clip excerpted from a 45-minute conversation, the Wu-Tang mastermind speaks from his second home in California about Right Speech and how it might apply to rap, and expresses his admiration for Buddhism’s Heart Sutra.

.:via->Shambhala Sun

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Posted: November 10th, 2009
at 2:06pm by orangemenace

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Blazer Pentium 1.0 - Upcycled Kicks


Artist Gabriel Deshaw created this pair of Jordans - which he calls ‘Blazer Pentium 1.0‘ - by ‘upcycling’ scrapped metal and computer parts. Currently up for sale, they’re a men’s size 9.5 - but weigh in at about 15 pounds. I don’t think you’ll be breakin’ any ankles, other than you your own, while rocking these - but they’re still kind of dope.

This sculpture is part of a shoes series I’m currently working where I revisit some of my favorite classic sneakers silhouettes. With this piece I again tried to create a complete piece with both box and shoe notice some of the details, shoes lock down inside of box for easy portability, I also tied this piece around a theme,"Pentium", the name of Intel’s chips. You will notice this repeated through out the shoes, and box (via).


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Posted: November 10th, 2009
at 9:23am by orangemenace

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The "Macbook Wheel"

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

I admit, I laughed.

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Posted: November 9th, 2009
at 10:36am by Black Ock

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First Light - Documentary

YouTube Preview Image

First Light: An Introduction to Meru Foundation Research by Stan Tenen

The Hebrew Alphabet, Genesis, and Kabbalah: What is The Meru Project? Using the objective tools of science, Stan Tenen has studied the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters in the Hebrew text of Genesis. His research has shown that the geometric patterns fundamental to modern physics were available to us long before physics per se was considered an independent science. These patterns are intrinsic to the Hebrew letter-text of Genesis, and were known to traditional Kabbalists and sages. Studying these patterns leads to a deep understanding of the framework of our own existence, and ways to access our potential to improve ourselves and the world around us. The Meru Project has discovered that the sequence of letters in the Hebrew text of Genesis reveals a simple yet extraordinary and unexpected series of geometric models whose intrinsic meaning describes processes inherent in fields as diverse as embryology, modern physics, and consciousness studies. Meru research demonstrates that the Hebrew alphabet, in its early rabbinic form, is at its core a universal language of gestures. People from all cultures, even those who are blind from birth, and children before they speak, make spontaneous use of this natural language. The gestures of the Hebrew alphabet express universal needs and choices. The benefits of using this extraordinary and uniquely elegant model range from personal and spiritual growth to the expansion of scientific knowledge.


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Just as some fun facts - Meru is a section of Kenya, and the people who live there are the Meru [which becomes more interesting when you consider that Hebrew is a Semitic language - a language family that may have its origins in Ethiopia, which currently borders Kenya]. Meru is also the name of a mountain in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions - which sits at the center of the cosmos.

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Posted: November 9th, 2009
at 9:31am by orangemenace

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Japanese Show of the Week #25

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Posted: October 22nd, 2009
at 7:58am by Black Ock

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