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Matthieu Ricard - The Art of Meditation

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"The worlds happiest man" philosopher Matthieu Ricard explains how we can train our minds in habits of well-being.


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Posted: May 13th, 2010
at 6:52pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Risk 2010 : America’s Great Idea

Risk has taken a beating recently, thanks to the financial crisis. Risk is supposed to be about choice and consequence. You take a chance and you win or you lose. But then banks and insurance companies found ways to pervert this. They devised ever more esoteric ways toApass risk on to others, so there was, in fact, no risk to them at all. In this distortion, insurance techniques, created to limit risk, exposed millions to it. The laws of probability, originally devised to solve a moral dilemmaahow to equitably distribute winnings in a game of chanceawound up inequitably distributing losses to people who didn’t even know they were at the table. The architects of these gamblesAleft their jobs with enormous bonuses, and companies that helpedAcripple the financial system wereArepaid by the government bailout. They took a chance, and lostabut they still won.

Part of a six part series at at the Department Index @ Slate

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Posted: April 19th, 2010
at 7:22pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Leaving the Internet

One comic book writer’s quest to leave the internet….

If you want to communicate with this revolutionary he will still be accepting snail mails.

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Ninja For Hire

The Wall Street Journal investigates the path and rise of the job title, "ninja." Over 800 self-titled ninjas are now public on LinkedIn- but is the ninja always a ninja or can they become a samurai?

The phenomenon started in 2003 and apparently really began to take off last year. Jinichi Kawakami, one of the last living ninjas in Iga, Japan, insists that "ninjas aren’t assassins and a real ninja must have stealth, intelligence, a righteous heart and patience."

Anyways, watch the video my ninjas..

thanks to orangemenace for the link

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Bhutan and the Modern Terma

St. Pema Lingpa in the form of Prime Minister, Jigmi Y. Thinley, a Penn State graduate and a former royal administrator and diplomat, has revealed a modern terma or hidden treasure for Bhutan and the rest of the world. Working with GPI Atlantic, a maritime think tank, the relatively new monarchy has come up with and introduced a new gross national happiness (GNH) curriculum into the country’s education system.

GNH rests on four pillars of value: environmental conservation; cultural preservation and promotion; sustainable and equitable development; and good governance, including the development of active and responsible citizenship. These pillars are divided into seventy-two quantifiable variables, designed to provide hard data about significant issues.

The outcome, said Thinley, should be:

"an educational system that is quite different from the conventional factory, where…children are just turned out to become economic animals, thinking only for themselves." Instead, graduates would be "more human beings, with human values, that give importance to relationships, that are eco-literate, contemplative, analytical." They would know that their own happiness was found in giving happiness "to your spouse, to your family, to your neighbours a and to the world at large.">

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Time to Rethink Design

David Carlson of the David Report has released a new trend look at the state of a full design world. Design contamination has taken over an expertise that is barely 100 years old; new products are simply the variations of old themes- (conceptual design, new articulations of the same, design signatures and design as art).

However if we are able to get back to using aging products and making design matter in a lifecycle, there is a cleaner horizon.

Designer Naoto Fukasawa: "I understand that myArole is about enhancing our living…. I've become moreAattached to the current life, and have started considering the betterment of our lives in a reality where we allAbelong, rather than predicting what could happen".

We need new storytellers:

Fred Alan Wolf - The Dreaming Universe (1994):A"Aboriginals believe in two forms of time: two parallelAstreams of activity. One is the daily objective activity,Athe other is an infinite spiritual cycle, called dreamtime,Amore real than reality itself…".

Carlson poses a great question, how do we A"change old habits and not to perpetuate the sales argument that the main role of designAis added value."

Read the full report in one of three forms: PDF, Flip Through Version or Text

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SXSW 2010: How to be Black

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.::via Ready Entertainment->

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The Earth is Flat

After hearing Thomas Dolby’s 1984 album, The Flat Earth, Daniel Shenton became inspired to prove that the earth was flat.

Serving as the current President, The Flat Earth Society was originally formed as the Universal Zetetic Society in 1884, after the Greek word zeteo, "to seek". Zeteticism, Shenton says, emphasises experience and reason over the "trusting acceptance of dogma."

Now known as the International Flat Earth Society, Shenton has brought the organization back to life.AMy ninja please??>

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Posted: March 2nd, 2010
at 9:00am by Koookiecrumbles

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TED: Shashi Tharoor

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Posted: January 13th, 2010
at 10:17pm by Koookiecrumbles

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