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Dr. Peter Witt and Spiders

video at johnchow


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Posted: January 8th, 2007
at 2:01am by Koookiecrumbles

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Gun Draws

gun draws

new music video from monch at videos.onsmash

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Posted: January 3rd, 2007
at 5:09pm by Koookiecrumbles

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The Library of Radiant Optimism

We started the library as way to gather, look at, and catalog a groundswell of optimistic and visionary activities in the late 1960s and early 1970s. We had discussions about the similarities between a handful of books we knew of, and the culture of Mess Hall, an experimental cultural center in Chicago that we have both been active in for over three years. Mess Hall is organized around an \"economy of generosity,? freely sharing information and materials. The books are important precursors to Mess Hall, embracing the grass roots exchange of information and themes of self and community empowerment. These books are written from the counter-culture. Their authors were interested in communicating their direct experience as it related to their experiments for living in harmony with the natural landscape, building sustainable communities, and so on. We were excited to read about practical applications of optimistic ideas for radical change, and to continue putting our own ideas into this tradition.


Let?s Re-make is a collaborative art project by Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom.

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Human Rights Watch photo essay archive

china essay

from Darfur to virtual China

darfur essay

look for the mnp arch featured

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Posted: December 14th, 2006
at 4:43pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Build a School

12 people, 3 days and 1 school. The story of a community project trek deep into the Himalaya to help restore a school.

himalaya children 2

documentary at travelistic

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Posted: December 11th, 2006
at 11:33am by Koookiecrumbles

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Blair Thrall

Yes, artspan has captivated my attention and held captive much of my time over the last few months. And I’ve definitely abused the new artists category over there today, shamelessly at that. Anyoldways, check out Blair Thrall.

Blair Williams Thrall grew up in Shreveport Louisiana, among a family of artists. She studied art at University of Southwestern Louisiana, but considers herself mainly self taught and continues to evolve as an artist. She has been a parent, homemaker, horsewoman, dog show enthusiast ,antique jewelry dealer and for eleven years she especially enjoyed nurturing young children’s love of art as a Montessori teacher.

Wipe those silly smiles off your face ninjas, nothing’s funny!



Those are both Giclee prints. I’m not sure if I need to comment on the ironic Manet in that second one, but I will if anyone deigns to ask a silly question like, "why is that ironic?"

But what the people want to know is, what does the artist have to say? What say you, artist?

My paintings and jewelry pieces are the manifestation of an innate desire I have to create. It makes me happy to produce something that others can enjoy. For me it’s all about sharing a feeling or the beauty of a moment.
Recently my paintings have been an exploration of two themes, the first being nocturnal diversions and the entertaining people that inhabit that world. The other being a day-lit look at some of my favorite places and special moments in my life.

Blair Thrall

I said stop laughing, ninjas. Those prints, especially the rest of the ones on her page, are pretty damn tight.

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Posted: December 1st, 2006
at 10:30am by black octagons

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Need a Quote?

"What is the hardest task in the world? To think."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some great quotes for thinking.

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Posted: November 29th, 2006
at 11:36am by Koookiecrumbles

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…somehow, we support sweat shops…



New add campaign against child labor. Page reads: Kids should make drawings, not shoes. Save a Child 902 402 404.

link via advertising for peanuts

[all the real ninjas caught the i self reference]

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Posted: November 28th, 2006
at 7:07pm by orangemenace

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Revisiting (and Reliving) 1938

article at americanthinker

September 21, 1938: Churchill issued a statement to the press in response to the proposed partition of Czechoslovakia, calling it the "complete surrender of the Western Democracies to the Nazi threat of force" and warning it would have larger consequences:
It is not Czechoslovakia alone which is menaced, but also the freedom and the democracy of all nations. The belief that security can be obtained by throwing a small State to the wolves is a fatal delusion
September 23, 1938: Chamberlain met again with Hitler at 10:30 p.m., in a meeting that lasted into the small hours of the morning. Chamberlain was relieved to receive Hitler’s assurance that his new demands would be his last:
Hitler repeated to me with great earnestness . . . that this was the last of his territorial ambitions in Europe . . . [H]e said, again very earnestly, that he wanted to be friends with England, and that if only this Sudeten question could be got out of the way in peace, he would gladly resume conversationsa€¦.

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Posted: November 28th, 2006
at 2:13pm by Koookiecrumbles

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