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PC in the UK: Cops Bust Teen For Calling Scientology a Cult


If therea€™s any doubt that the enforcement of political correctness in the U.K. is turning ordinary citizens into criminals, a 15-yr-old youth was issued a criminal summons after he had written on a sign that Scientology was a cult.

Police confiscated his protest sign at a demonstration against the Church of Scientology at their headquarters in London and then issued him a criminal summons. According to the British newspaper the Guardian, the 15-yr-old had written on a sign: a€oeScientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous culta€A. The police called it a€oeabusive and insultinga€A. dbkp


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Posted: June 2nd, 2008
at 5:48am by Koookiecrumbles

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Quote of the day : Diego Maradona


Jesus Saves - but Maradona scores on the rebound.

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Is The New Ball A FIFA Conspiracy?

Is The New Ball A FIFA Conspiracy?

Is it just me or does it seem like every major tournament now features a new ball that moves in the air just a little more than it’s predecessor? Lahm and Frings (still excellent) long range goals for Germay in their 4-2 win over Costa Rica were in part due to the new Adidas Teamgeist ball (pictured) bobbing and weaving like Muhammad Ali in his prime.

Is it possible that FIFA (and UEFA) do this deliberately to give attacking teams an advantage, thus guaranteeing goals at major tournaments? If so, then I say carry on. The more six goal games in tournament football the better.


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Posted: May 28th, 2008
at 1:03am by Koookiecrumbles

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R Kelly’s Lawyer Uses "The Little Man" Defense


[R. Kellya€™s attorney], in an attempt to suggest that Kellya€™s head could have been superimposed onto somebody elsea€™s body in the sex tape, asked [gal on witness stand] whether she had seen the Wayans brothersa€™ movie a€oeLittle Man.a€A [Attorney] said, a€oeThey put the head of Marlon Wayans on a midget and it looked real, didna€™t it?a€A But, to widespead laughter, [gal on witness stand] replied, a€oeNot really!a€A paulscheer via tumblr

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The Graffiti of the Philanthropic Class


That’s what the New York Times, via an article today by theater critic Charles Isherwood, calls the various plaques and signs honoring philanthropists’ donations to cultural venues, schools, hospitals, charities, libraries, parks, museums, etc.

With his personal interest focused on performing arts, Isherwood concentrates primarily on the "naming" of theatrical venues; but the implications of his lede line: "WHATEVER happened to Anonymous?" include the many other instances in which benefactors are identified by name.

One can only wonder if the Times’s resentment of the practice might stem in some small part from the curious absence of the name Sulzberger on any local buildings or public facilities. Certainly, there are no hospital wings, university labs, concert halls, or charitable organizations widely known for affiliation with the Sulzbergers — even in the weekly Sunday Styles pages of the family’s own newspaper, a reader would be hard pressed to see any photo of Pinch or pAAre among the attendees at charity balls, galas, and fundraisers. Which makes it unlikley that he and his family are anonymous donors.

Indeed, as far as a quick mental review by this lifelong New Yorker extends, there is no recollection of any public involvement of the Sulzbergers — certainly one of the city’s premier business dynasties — in any philanthropic endeavors save one. That’s the Times’s annual "Neediest Cases" drive, in which readers are asked to donate money for which the Times later takes credit by turning the funds over to various organized charities.

In a city where names from Andrew Carnegie to more recent philanthropists like Weill, Rose, Paley, Tisch, and many others are firmly attached to the walls and canopies of so many public structures, would it be so terrible if the Times’s Isherwood stopped whining so loudly about the recognition given to public-spirited citizens and spent his energy entreating his boss to become one of them?


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Bioluminescent Creatures and Dinoflagellate Locales


Not long before Curious Expeditions came to Eastern Europe to search for the wondrous and macabre, we had the opportunity to travel through Puerto Rico. It was a magical trip filled with rain forests, the gigantic SETI radio telescope in Aricebo, and the landing port of Ponce de Leon. However, one experience shines above the rest. On the island of Vieques, in a dense mangrove swamp is one of the most magical places we has ever had the pleasure to visit.

We had come on a moonless night and the stars shone down as perfect pinpoints. It was a cool summer night when we slipped into the warm, dark water. (Actually I less a€oeslippeda€A and more fell face first out of my kayak into the salty bay.) As we glided into the water, our faces were suddenly bathed in an eerie, otherworldly green. Brilliant plumes of translucent green swirled all about our limbs making us glow. The light wasna€™t coming from above, but was radiating from all around us. From the water itself.

YouTube Preview Image

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‘Bullet proof hoodie’ condemned by gun groups


Gun control groups have condemned a new a€oebullet-proof hoodiea€A which claims to protect against street violence.

The A£300 Defender hoodie makes the wearera€™s upper body invincible to every bullet up to a high velocity rifle, its makers claim.

It was developed by Bladerunner, a London based company which also makes stab-proof tops.

Barry Samms, the owner, said that a mother from Walthamstow, East London, had asked for the Defender after her son had been mugged three times.

a€oeOur current customers range from undercover police officers to concerned parents,a€A he said.

But gun control groups said today that the company was practising a€oeexploitation at its most grotesquea€A. They predicted a rise in gang violence, saying children would buy the hoodie as a status symbol.

Raymond Stevenson, a spokesman for Dona€™t Trigger, an international anti-gun campaign based in Brixton, London, said: a€oeIta€™s not helping kids to provide them with bullet-proof armoury. These companies are just encouraging the escalation of the urban warfare.

a€oeIta€™ll give people the false impression that theya€™re protected and will encourage more aggressive behaviour.a€A

The hoodie weighs one kilo, only slightly more than a normal version. It can be bought with the Bladerunner logo a€" but without it there is no indication of its capabilities.

Mr Samms denied his firm was targeting teenage gang members with the invention. a€oeIta€™s only a hoodie because you cana€™t really put a zip across the front of something bullet-proof,a€A he said.

a€oeAdults wear hoodies too. My mum wears one and you dona€™t see her hanging out on street corners.a€A

But Adrian Davies, a partner in the company, admitted that the item could encourage people to become involved in crime.

a€oeWe dona€™t want to be arming gangs,a€A he told Times Online. a€oeBut we cana€™t investigate everyone who places an order.a€A

Mr Davies said that Bladerunner had received more than 100 emails this morning from people asking about the hoodie. a€oeOur websitea€™s had 3000 hits just on that product,a€A he said.

The hoodie is currently in the prototype stage, but will be on sale in the next four to six weeks, Mr Davies said.

Last week Gordon Brown was forced to defend Harriet Harman, the Deputy Labour Party Leader, after she wore body armour to tour her South London constituency. Ms Harman claimed she did so as "a matter of courtesy", and compared it to wearing a hard hat while visiting a building site or a hair net in a meat factory.


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Posted: May 21st, 2008
at 11:14am by Koookiecrumbles

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Genius Chimp - Fireman Training

Feeling a little disenfranchised and displaced the last week or so, we have decided today to return to our tried and true formatting - at least for the day, which means… more Genius Chimp!

YouTube Preview Image

Video Mondays are in effect!… and I want a chimp.AA Pan-kun, we love you.

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Posted: May 12th, 2008
at 8:33am by Black Ock

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Young at Heart Choir - Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated

YouTube Preview Image

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Posted: May 9th, 2008
at 4:01am by Koookiecrumbles

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