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Die, Hipster

Do Hipsters represent the death of modern culture?


Ia€m sipping a scummy pint of cloudy beer in the back of a trendy dive bar turned nightclub in the heart of the citya€™s heroin district. In front of me stand a gang of hippiesh grunge-punk types, who crowd around each other and collectively scoff at the smoking laws by sneaking puffs of a€oefuck-you,a€A reveling in their perceived rebellion as the haggard, staggering staff look on without the slightest concern.

The a€oeDJa€A is keystroking a selection of MP3s off his MacBook, making a mix that sounds like he took a hatchet to a collection of yesteryear billboard hits, from DMX to Dolly Parton, but mashed up with a jittery techno backbeat.

a€oeSoa€¦ this is a hipster party?a€A I ask the girl sitting next to me. Shea€™s wearing big dangling earrings, an American Apparel V-neck tee, non-prescription eyeglasses and an inappropriately warm wool coat.

a€oeYeah, just look around you, 99 percent of the people here are total hipsters!a€A

a€oeAre you a hipster?a€A

a€oeFuck no,a€A she says, laughing back the last of her glass before she hops off to the dance floor.

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I think I may have done the hippest thing of all by actually posting this piece! Good thing we here at MNP dedicate the rest of our time to fighting the cause.


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Posted: August 20th, 2008
at 11:30am by Black Ock

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Bigfoot? Looks fake to us…


A policeman and a former corrections officer say that on Friday they will unveil evidence of what they claim is their biggest find ever: the body of Bigfoot.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, a pair of Bigfoot-hunting hobbyists from north Georgia, say they found the creature’s body in a wooded area and spotted several similar creatures that were still alive.

The carcass of the furry half-man, half-ape is 7 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs more than 500 pounds, they say. However, the two are not disclosing the exact location of their discovery to protect the remaining creatures.

Well, good thing they killed it - an animal thought to be myth, shot by some rednecks. Looks to me like a gorilla suit stolen from the set of Planet of the Apes anyways…

::via CNN::

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Posted: August 19th, 2008
at 2:56pm by orangemenace

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden McNugget

I don’t know if you chumps have been watching the Olympiad (as they say in more sophisticated circles). Well, this commercial has nothing to do with it, but I saw it during some soccer broadcast and I wanted to ask somebody this: Isn’t this a slight bit racialist?

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Posted: August 19th, 2008
at 10:46am by Black Ock

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When Pigs Attack

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For starters - MNP doesn’t have some adolescent issue with the police. The fact just is, some cops are assholes. And, unfortunately for every other decent officer, an asshole cop is worse than an asshole in most other professions. For instance - an asshole architect? She/he can be condescending, and…elitist. That’s about it. An asshole teacher can fail you, an asshole chef can spit in your food, an asshole blogger can verbally attack you online…but an asshole cop can do what this one did - knock you off a moving bicycle and beat your ass. Sure, he got stripped of his badge and gun - but only after this ninja got got and then spent 26 hours in jail for ‘resisting arrest’, aka ‘trying to protect himself from getting an un-provoked ass-kicking by an asshole’.

How dare he. What a punk. Next time I see a guy on a bike, I think I’ll knock him off too.
Oh, and they were riding the bikes for Critical Mass - a green biking movement. What bad-asses. If we don’t stop them now, who knows what they’ll do next.

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Posted: July 29th, 2008
at 10:13am by orangemenace

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Road Safe Browsing


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Posted: July 18th, 2008
at 6:59am by Koookiecrumbles

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Got a PC?

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Posted: July 11th, 2008
at 6:56pm by Koookiecrumbles

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The world is upon us.


The world is upon us.


Bothersome like a whimsical thought of what is apparent of achievement and what needs to get done. To think for a second that what you want is what we want is right. And to think of the later is too late and gone to be done just right. Let us bring flight to those that cannot fly and blind those that can already see.


For in the long run it is us that stand in the way. It is us, the leaders that carry the torch from a land far away to enlighten and then frenzy an irreplaceable interconnectedness. The gates have opened. Signals and co-opted simplicity shed these lights and are only less manly than the comfortable tunnels of Winnipeg, Canadia. Moving on and progressing are the hardest of things, more dense then of the iron, brass, and cult copper that are forged together on a daily commotion.


Let us bring flight to those that cannot fly and blind those that can already see. I’ll see you in station and we will have fun.

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thanks for Stanky Plank for sending this in

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Rent a Rasta - Documentary

Documentary about the Jamaican sex trade. This the the first one I’ve posted that I haven’t pre-vetted. It’s supposed to be ill, though.

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Posted: June 16th, 2008
at 8:55am by Black Ock

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Court gives detainees habeas rights

In a stunning blow to the Bush Administration in its war-on-terrorism policies, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign nationals held at Guantanamo Bay have a right to pursue habeas challenges to their detention. The Court, dividing 5-4, ruled that Congress had not validly taken away habeas rights. If Congress wishes to suspend habeas, it must do so only as the Constitution allows a€" when the country faces rebellion or invasion.


The Court stressed that it was not ruling that the detainees are entitled to be released a€" that is, entitled to have writs issued to end their confinement. That issue, it said, is left to the District Court judges who will be hearing the challenges. The Court also said that a€oewe do not address whether the President has authority to detaina€A individuals during the war on terrorism, and hold them at the U.S. Naval base in Cuba; that, too, it said, is to be considered first by the District judges.

The Court also declared that detainees do not have to go through the special civilian court review process that Congress created in 2005, since that is not an adequate substitute for habeas rights. The Court refused to interpret the Detainee Treatment Act a€" as the Bush Administration had suggested a€" to include enough legal protection to make it an adequate replacement for habeas. Congress, it concluded, unconstitutionally suspended the writ in enacting that Act.

The Court also found serious defects in the process that the Pentagon set up in 2004 to decide which prisoners are to be designated as a€oeenemy combatantsa€A a€" the status that leads to their continued confinement. This process is the system of so-called Combatant Status Review Tribunals. The procedures used by CSRTs, the Court said, a€oefall well short of the procedures and adversarial mechanisms that would eliminate the need for habeas corpus review.a€A

Justice Anthony M. Kennedya€™s opinion for the majority in Boumediene v. Bush (06-1195) and Al Odah v. U.S. (06-1196) was an almost rhapsodic review of the history of the Great Writ. The Suspension Clause, he wrote, a€oeprotects the rights of the detained by a means consistent with the essential design of the Constitution. It ensures that, except during periods of formal suspension, the Judiciary will have a time-tested device, the writ, to maintain the a€delicate balance of governancea€™ that is itself the surest safeguard of liberty.a€A Those who wrote the Constitution, he added, a€oedeemed the writ to be an essential mechanism in the separation-of-powers scheme.a€A

Even though the two political branches a€" the President and Congress a€" had agreed to take away the detaineesa€™ habeas rights, Kennedy said those branches do not have a€oethe power to switch the Constitution on or off at will.a€A

In a second ruling on habeas, the Court decided unanimously that U.S. citizens held by U.S. military forces in Iraq have a right to file habeas cases, because it does extend to them, but it went on to rule that federal judges do not have any authority to bar the transfer of those individuals to Iraqi authorites to face prosecution or punishment for crimes committed in that country in violation of Iraqi laws.

via scotusblog

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