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Hidden Pocket Belt: Ninjaworthy

this bad boy could definitely come in handy - that’s a 24″ zippered pocket, it can hold more than just bills my ninja…

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Posted: December 28th, 2006
at 4:21pm by Pheezatron

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The 2006 Global Connection Survey prepared for the Scottish Executive shows just how big a hangover the economy of the country would have if Scotch whisky were not so popular around the world. According to the report, food and beverages are the most important trade goods for Scotland, accounting for $7.06 billion or 19.4 percent of the total exports in 2005. Oil and gas are excluded from the survey.

Of the $7.06 billion in food and beverage totals, spirits account for $5.9 billion — the vast majority being blended and Single Malt Scotch. Overall exports climbed by $1.77 billion last year and the United States remains the leading buyer of Scottish goods. The next largest export sector for Scotland is chemicals, which had $3.5 billion in export sales during the year.

…and, just we were waiting for… yet another reason to get TIPSAY.AA Support Scotland.

info at lyke2drink.blogspot

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Posted: December 26th, 2006
at 2:01pm by Koookiecrumbles

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"binaural brainwave doses for every imaginable mood"

torrent 1 and 2
ipod america

info at i-doser

mnp warns not to hit the town with your ipod in hand

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Posted: December 20th, 2006
at 11:48pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Psyche o Santa

Although most people see Christmas as a Christian holiday, most of the symbols and icons we associate with Christmas celebrations are actually derived from the shamanistic traditions of the tribal peoples of pre-Christian Northern Europe.

The sacred mushroom of these people was the red and white amanita muscaria mushroom, also known as "fly agaric."

history and gallery at drugnerd

So you mean to say that Santa is based on tripping balls?AA Nice!

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Posted: December 15th, 2006
at 5:00am by Koookiecrumbles

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Tell a Friend!

Did you know that you could tell a friend about myninjaplease by clicking on that lil’ link down yonder below each post that says "tell a friend?" Well duhhh. You can also click the appropriate icon to add us to any of the social bookmarking sites we have listed. If you would like to see more or other features let us know!


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[Ed: this would be especially crucial for the post right below]


Ace Dickerson asked us a question:

    1. Ace Dickerson Says:
      Two questions. Call me stupid, but:
      what is "RSS" ?
      and what are the three little image link buttons above "tell a friend" ?

    Well Mr. Dickerson (and I do feel dirty calling you that), I’m glad you asked, you un-saavy ninja. RSS stands for either rich site summary or really simple syndication depending on what ninja you ask. Basically, those links in our sidebar are the links to our RSS feeds. If you use and RSS enabled device (phone, psp, camera, screen saver, browser, umm.. bag of peanuts) then you get a stream from our site of up to date content. That way you dont always have to log in to the site to know what’s going on in the dojo, my son. Thus and therefore, get down on it, my dude!

    Now those little goofy little linked pictures see come to us by way of wordpress plugin Notable which allows you to easily submit an article from this site to one of (in our case) three bookmarking sites. A lot of people use these sites to find web content. For instance, if you have a account you can "digg" one of our articles by just clicking a button? Good deal, right?

    I hope that answers your question and thanks for supporting [tag]mnp[/tag], famly.

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Another reason to stay away from meth: it ruins your chedda’

Many a ninja knows that dollar bills often have trace amounts of yayo on them - hence why drug dogs catch people smuggling large amounts of cash. This is not just an American phenomenon -a 2003 report by the Institute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research in Nuremberg found that 90% of all euro bills in Germany are contaminated with cocaine, and an earlier study by Mass Spec Analytical, based in Bristol UK, found that over 99% of banknotes in Lodon are covered with blow.

And let’s not forget Italy, where so many people enjoy the yay, that it turns up in their water supply!

With crystal meth use rising in Europe, now that drug is turning up on bills, albeit with interesting side effects. For month, there have been reports of disintegrating euro banknotes in Germany - turns out, the culbrit is methamphetamin:

"Sulphates used in the production of the drug could form sulphuric acid when mixed with human sweat…causing banknotes to corrode."

Original Story from Der Speigel

More coverage via the BBC and the Times Online

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Posted: November 20th, 2006
at 12:17pm by Pheezatron

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Designer Black Market

"It’s certainly been the trend in the past 10 years in urban areas that are becoming gentrified," said Ric Curtis, an anthropology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who specializes in the drug culture.

get it delivered at katu

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Posted: November 8th, 2006
at 11:28am by Koookiecrumbles

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Energy Drink Forces Politricks to Stop Sleepin’


This new energy drink, ‘Cocaine’ is coming under fire from parents and politicians, concerned it sends a strange message to children [wow…wonder why?]. Now, we here at MNP are all about your freedoms, and feel that in your leisure time you should be able to do you, even if your life resembles a certain Grandmaster Flash song. That being said…Cocaine, the energy drink? These people wanted the exposure. I actually wasn’t sure about posting this, because it was part of their plan people - dupe us into talking about their product so they get free advertising [speaking of shameless product placement…have you printed up any MNP flyers yet?].

Its claim to fame here [outside of the name] is that it packs 280 milligrams of caffeine in 8.4 ounces….meanwhile an ‘acute overdose on caffeine’ is just anything over 250 milligrams [thanks wikipedia], or roughly 3 cups of coffee in a row.

So now politicians want them to pull the product or change the name…and some stores have stopped selling it. Point is tho, do we really need another energy drink? I mean, I’ve watched people pound Redbull right after telling me how bad my 3 cups of coffee a day are for me. Point is tho, who cares? These fools are gonna make millions of dollars in the end cuz they chose a ridiculous name that they knew damn well would start ish [you know a bunch of people were sitting around a table talking about this before the product launch, and it was originally called something like Flash or Shock].

My Ninjas, Please…

[articles at Newsday and MSNBC ]

[ed note: thanks to Dubs for the links]

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Posted: November 6th, 2006
at 12:45pm by orangemenace

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Oh, that’s why they pay for those ads

We here at have always found the anti-smoking ads from tobacco companies to be quite humorous - portrayed as a PSA from your favorite, moral, ethical, and caring tobacco company, we all know that the real impetus for these ads is the fact that these companies lost lawsuits.

Now, did you ever wonder (as we have) if these anti-smoking ads work just like anti-drug ads? In other words, do these commercials make kids more likely to engage in the behavior they were designed to prevent?AA Well, if you thought they might, you were correct:

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health found that "Youngsters 12 to 17 were less likely to see smoking as harmful and had stronger intentions to smoke after the airing of television ads that urged parents to talk to their children about not lighting up."AA Now that is evil genius! The only difference though: the government is really trying to get people to stop smoking pot with their ridiculous ads - the tobacco companies on the other hand, my inner cynic would say, are really trying to get kids to smoke with these ads, despite their appearance otherwise.

Thanks Philip Morris - you really are the model corporate citizen

Story via the Washington Post

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Posted: November 1st, 2006
at 1:35pm by Pheezatron

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