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Beer Goggles is fo’ Real!

The next time you hear someone blaming "beer goggles" for their behaviour, you may have to believe them. People really do appear more attractive when our perceptions are changed by drinking alcohol.

There have been few previous attempts to investigate the idea that people seem to find others more attractive when drunk. In 2003, psychologists at the University of Glasgow, UK, published a study in which they asked heterosexual students in campus bars and cafA©s whether they had been drinking, and then got them to rate photos of people for attractiveness. While the results supported the beer goggles theory, another explanation is that regular drinkers tend to have personality traits that mean they find people more attractive, whether or not they are under the influence of alcohol at the time.

To resolve the issue, a team of researchers led by Marcus MunafAA at the University of Bristol in the UK conducted a controlled experiment. They randomly assigned 84 heterosexal students to consume either a non-alcoholic lime-flavoured drink or an alcoholic beverage with a similar flavour. The exact amount of alcohol varied according to the individual but was designed to have an effect equivalent to someone weighing 70 kilograms drinking 250 millitres of wine - enough to make some students tipsy. After 15 minutes, the students were shown pictures of people their own age, from both sexes.

Both men and women who had consumed alcohol rated the faces as being more attractive than did the controls (Alcohol and Alcoholism, DOI: 10.1093/alcalc/agn065). Surprisingly, the effect was not limited to the opposite sex - volunteers who had drunk alcohol also rated people from their own sex as more attractive…

.::Read the rest at -> NewScientist


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Posted: August 25th, 2008
at 8:05am by Black Ock

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Rediculous [sic] Tattoos


So, I was out "cruising the forums" and flaming n00bs like I usually do when… wait, actually, what happened was my friend’s mom sent me an email of photos of the 8 best hugs from the L magazine, of which I decided the one above was the best (provided that the polar bear does not proceed to bite the dog’s neck off.. neck… off).


Anyhow, after being thoroughly entertained already, I then moved on to cruising the forums and flaming n00bs like I usually do and I stumbled upon this post of the 10 Greatest Misspelled Tattoos. I’m not going to post all the pictures there, but I will say you should check out their blog. The joint is pretty fab, um, to borrow an expression.


And about that polar bear, what the feezy? Does it think that the dog is another bear? As ninjas know, it’s shark week on the Discovery Channel. Last night I watched an amazing program with a free diver swimming with tiger sharks. He seems to forge a friendship with one particular shark (Dolores) and is able to ride on her back and FEED her! [Ed. Watching a human feed a huge shark from his hand was another "whatthefeezy" moment. ]

The program also shows multiple species of sharks feeding together, which was previously thought to be impossible. Maybe the dog and the bear have a similar thing going.

Anyoldways, we’re giving away a $50 AMEX gift card for the best caption to the polar bear picture, so leave us a comment or email us at

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Posted: July 30th, 2008
at 9:47am by Black Ock

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Cinco de Mayo

You know the economy is in the pits when you don’t even see Cinco de Mayo beer commercials. Beer executives have reportedly been criticizing the calendar makers for putting the holiday on a Monday for consecutive years now. OK, but seriously, I didn’t even see the generally piss poor marketing campaign I’m used to. Do I just not watch enough TV or… what gives?

Anyway, this is just about as Mexican as it gets. This just happens to be from 5 de Mayo, 2005. I think this dude says "bio-lingual."AA De todos modos, as we say in Spanish, most (American) people can appreciate a Holiday that’s about whoopin’ on the French.

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Posted: May 5th, 2008
at 12:32pm by Black Ock

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Hoffman’s Potion - Documentary

All of you real chuckleheads out there probably already know this, but Albert Hoffman, creator of LSD (that’s acid for all you youngins out there) died yesterday at the ripe old age of a billion. OK, well not a billion, but he was over 100 years old, my ninjas. In honor of this man who made a revolutionary breakthrough in… well… gave us all a reason to wear sunglasses at night - here is a documentary. Enjoy.

If you read the guy’s book, you would know that his first trip occurred on a bike ride home from work one night. Here is a hilarious but very accurate rendition of the only one-man ride in American history that rivals Pauly Revere.

YouTube Preview Image

You may now return to being twinkleheads.

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Posted: May 1st, 2008
at 9:45am by Black Ock

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Barney Frank : HR 5843


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Cookin’ with Coolio #1

I’m about to post all of these over the coming weeks.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh my, too hilarious.

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Posted: April 15th, 2008
at 12:59pm by Black Ock

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Hippie Bars

As with most things hippie, they taste better than they look. From Eat Peace Please, which (we wish we could say) is our sister site.


I tested another recipe from Catherine the other day. These are raw Hippie Bars, which consist of dates, agave nectar, rolled oats, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, flax and hemp seeds. That’s it! They were super-fast and easy to make, all you need is a bowl and a fork and a fridge (oh, and some Dead playin’ in the background). In this case, I had to measure exactly, but from now on I plan on going with what I know best- throwing a bunch of ingredients together and coming up with something great. Thanks for a wonderful recipe Catherine, the rest of the world will soon get to taste how fabulous and lightly sweet these are… [read the rest]

Awesome dude.

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Posted: April 2nd, 2008
at 10:46am by Black Ock

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Netherlands - Documentary

It’s Monday! Time for a documentary.

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Posted: March 3rd, 2008
at 8:11am by Black Ock

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Why Investigate Steroids?


It didn’t hit home until I heard that crotchety-old Senator Specter wants to further investigate my darling 18-1 Patriots and their Spygate scandal to see if the league handled it appropriately. This led me to ask the question why congress cares about sports at all. Yesterday someone told me "they should fire each and every one of these people." I might be inclined to agree. Why are my tax dollars worth investigating whether Roger Clemens did steroids?

You might say, wait, don’t you guys hate the Yankees and Roger Clemens [and if you don’t say that, read the next few posts] and you would be kind of [undoubtedly] right. But, my ninjas, that’s pretty much beside the point. Just having somebody suggest that Roger did steroids was enough for me, you know, just the whisper in the shadows was gratifying. Of course, Andy Petite has no reason to lie, and of course, none of this would have come out without congress’ initial investigations, but, bear with me here.


I don’t really care about the issue, nor do I think it has anything to do with the enforcement of general law in our country - and furthermore I think that it is a waste of time and energy to be regulating baseball [of all things] in the legislative heart of our government, especially as regards to steroids, baseball, or human growth hormone - a substance that is, aditionally, not even illegal, but rather exists in a sort of legal gray area. Can anybody explain this?

The article below suggests that because congress has the authority over issues that affect the economy that it allows them to continue with these proceedings under the pretense of preserving fairness in the American market (sports market anyway). I say that’s a bunch of hooey. I don’t even endorse free-market capitalism but the obviously best answer to this one is laissez-faire.

Did the House Government Reform Committee have the authority to hold its much-reported hearings into steroid use in Major League Baseball, or was the testimony of several former and present MLB stars little more than a taxpayer-funded photo-op? Just a Photo-op
When established 1927 as the Committee on Government Operations, the House Government Reform Committee (GRC) was given jurisdiction to investigate "the operations of Government activities at all levels with a view to determining their economy and efficiency."According to it’s published scope of power, the Committee on Government Reform differs from other congressional committees in that its jurisdiction has grown over the years.

"While retaining the agenda of the former Committee on Government Operations, the Committee also has the responsibilities of the former Committee on Post Office and Civil Service and the Committee on the District of Columbia.

"The Committee serves as Congressa€™ chief investigative and oversight committee, and is granted broad jurisdiction because of the importance of effective, centralized oversight. Because it authorizes on a few agencies and programs, it is able to review government agencies and programs with an unbiased eye."

Despite it’s claim of wide-ranging power, the congressionally mandated roll of the Government Reform Committee remains the investigation and reform of the operations of the government itself. The use of steroids by professional baseball players clearly does not fall under the scope of their authority.

On the Other Hand
The Government Reform Committee is charged as the "principal investigative committee of the House," which gives it the authority to conduct hearings on any subject falling under the jurisdiction of Congress. The Federally Controlled Substances Act, regulates the use of performance enhancing drugs, including steroids. In addition, Major League Baseball has been exempt from most federal anti-trust laws laws since 1922, when the Supreme Court ruled in its favor in Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore, Inc. v. National Baseball Clubs. The exemption prevents teams for suing if they are not granted the right to change locations at will. While its exemption from anti-trust laws has nothing to do with steroid use by players, it does place the affairs of Major League Baseball squarely under the jurisdiction of Congress. [LINK]


So whata€™s Nancy Pelosia€™s House of Representatives up to today?

Would you believe, holding a hearing on baseball and steroids?

Why yes, yes they are.

Herea€™s Rep. Diane Watson of the House Government Reform Committee on C-SPANa€™s a€oeWashington Journala€A this morning, answering host Peter Slena€™s most excellent question: a€oeWhy does Congress care about baseball and steroids?a€A:

a€oeThis is the American pasttime, great pasttime. Ita€™s a game that really exemplifies who we are as a country and as a people. As you know, our youth look up to our celebrities and the top of that list are baseball players, I feel. And so, ita€™s important to us that we dona€™t sit by and allow an issue that has impacted baseball for an era to continue, because it breaks down the faith and the trust.

a€oeBaseball players are role models. And so, Congress feels that it has a duty to take a look and investigate.a€A

Yes, baseball players are role models. But with this flimsy foundation for a highly-visible Congressional investigation you have to wonder whether Congressmen are role models, too. [LINK]


The problem is not any particular business or industry, but it is the
systematic problem of corporate capitalism, but Congress does not dare
address that. And why? Because most of them support the corporate
capitalist system that harms the majority of Americans, and to one
extent or the other, people around the world. They can make themselves
feel good and honest by going after this non-issue of baseball. My
message to Congress is stop concerning yourself so much with a business
of millionaires (the players) vs billionaires (the owners) and start
looking at a system where people off all classes, except the rich of
course, are suffering. [LINK]


In part because baseball is the only professional sport exempt from federal antitrust laws. The laws apply to businesses that operate across state lines (interstate commerce) and are meant to prevent those businesses from becoming monopolies that reduce competition.

A 1922 Supreme Court case exempted baseball from these laws. The court ruled that baseball was not interstate commerce. The decision has proved flimsy over the years but was never overruled. The exemption means, among other things, that an MLB team can’t move without MLB’s permission.

Congress threatened baseball’s antitrust exemption in 2005 before its players and high-ranking officials were grilled in televised hearings by members of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. "Congress has the authority to take that away," Hult said.

Congress also has "broad authority" to pass laws affecting businesses, Martin wrote in an e-mail, and MLB certainly is a business.

. . .


In the simplest terms, a congressional chameleon. It "may at any time conduct investigations of any matter," according to House rules cited by Martin. This committee specializes in investigative panels, which determine whether Congress should pass new laws about the issue at hand.

. . .


"In the short run, probably not much," Hult said. [LINK]


NFL’s Goodell to Meet With Senator Specter on Patriots’ Taping

By Mason Levinson

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) — National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet today with U.S. Senator Arlen Specter to discuss the league’s handling of evidence from an investigation of signal-stealing by the New England Patriots.

The meeting will take place at the Washington office of Specter, a Republican from Pennsylvania, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a telephone interview.

Two days before the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, Specter publicly questioned the league’s decision to destroy videotapes confiscated from the Patriots on Sept. 20 after the team was caught recording the New York Jets’ defensive signals during New England’s season-opening win on Sept. 9.

Goodell fined Patriots coach Bill Belichick $500,000 and docked the team $250,000 for the infraction. The Patriots also lost a first-round draft pick.

Specter, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he wrote to Goodell on Nov. 15 seeking information as to whether the Patriots had spied on other teams, and received an unsatisfactory response from the commissioner. [LINK]

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Posted: February 14th, 2008
at 10:50am by Black Ock

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